Thorburn Consolidated School was thrilled to welcome back author Gerry O’Brien for the release of his fourth book, “Bubba Begonia and the Bully.” Students were excited to hear about the newest adventure with Bubba Begonia and his friends at Deerwatson Elementary School. Before reading from his latest book, Gerry talked about himself as a story farmer:  each story begins as a seed (idea), and then needs to be tended and cared for in order to become a book.


Here are some responses from the students:

When I saw Gerry O’Brien I felt amazed! – Makayla McGee

I liked when he read the book to us. – Ethan MacDonald

I loved how he had a book for his ideas. – Shelby Noel

I liked how he explained how he was writing. – Adelle Thomsen

I liked how he talked about story seeds. – Bradley Hale




Mary Webber-Cook

Thorburn Consolidated School

Thorburn, Nova Scotia