Bubba Begonia, You’ll Be Sorry has also been written as a play suitable for young actors. It has a running time of approximately 35 minutes. There are 15 characters in the play.

"Read A Few Scenes From Bubba Begonia, You'll Be Sorry!-THE PLAY"

‘Bubba Begonia’ Puppets Star in Musquodoboit Valley, Nova Scotia – April 2011

Bubba Begonia You’ll Be Sorry
was performed by the students at Upper Musquodoboit Consolidated School, Dutch Settlement Elementary School, and Musquodoboit Valley Education Centre. They were ably directed by Kathryn Belzer, Avis Fox and Brenna Meagher who also created the amazing puppets.

"Bubba and Company"

"The Firemen at rest"

"The Begonia Family"

"Bubba and Becky Home at last"

Bubba Begonia You'll Be Sorry! The Play at the Registry Theatre Nov 2010. Under the direction of Gita Ashley of Growing In The Arts School of Dramatic and Cinema Arts[ www.gowinginthearts.com ] .. An amazing production with with an incredibly talented cast!

Is he going to be like this for the rest of his cockadoodle days?

Miss Pimple? Like, what if you pulled on his arm and, like, we pulled on you?

He can't stop, like, messin' with his nose because his finger is, like ... stuck!


"An amazing performance by The Drama Club of Immaculate Conception School, Formosa, Ontario. Spring 2008. Directed by Scott Armstrong and Mary Beth Dennis"

"On the count of three, you pull north and we'll pull south!"

"Rock on, Big Mama! I'm Rad Chad Disco!"

"I'm so happy to be here at Deerwatson Elementary. My name is Miss Pimple."

The play Bubba Begonia was definitely the highlight of last year [2008]. The
character that I played was the mother of Bubba which was a very
interesting role because I had to send him to school hoping that he
wouldn't pick his nose. When he came home I had to pretend that I
didn't know anything that happened that day at school.
This play is so funny and so much fun to put together. I know that
everyone in my class had so much fun and so did the teachers that helped
put the production together. The story of Bubba Begonia is one that
really relates to younger students because I know for a fact that most of
them pick their noses. I had so much fun acting in the play Bubba Begonia
and there is only one person to thank for giving the school something to
laugh about and that is the author. Thank you so much for writing the
play Bubba Begonia. It has been loads of fun.
Amber Douel

St. Anthony's School
Kincardine, ON

Bubba Begonia, You’ll Be Sorry! [the play] won first prize in Theatre Prince Edward Island’s New Voices Playwriting Competition for One Act Plays in 1998.

Cost: Let's talk! One time rights available to schools and amateur theatre groups. Play will be emailed as a Word doc.

The play is copyrighted ©[2006] by Gerry O’Brien and unauthorized reproduction or use is prohibited.

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