Bubba is BACK!!! But he's not alone.

Meet his new classmate Stinky Biggs.
Bubba sure does - HEAD ON!
Watch Bubba rob a bank [accidentally, of course], launch a Flying Bag of Doom, become a Zentriloquist, have the worst birthday party ever, witness the humiliation of his beloved Miss Pimple and nearly end up in the slammer.

Available online or through you favourite book store or from the author.

"This book is laugh-out-loud funny. It would make a wonderful read-aloud for teachers and is an easy read for less able readers. Excellent, enduring ... "
Susan Miller, ResourceLinks.ca

"O'Brien's style is that of a good storyteller [think Robert Munsch for older readers] making for great read aloud material for a group of kids."

Margaret Poole, Atlantic Books Today, Dec. 2006.

"Bubba Begonia, You'll Be Sorry! has everything kids in this age group could want - funny characters with silly names, a "gross" situation and a fast-moving plot. ... Highly Recommended!"
Lisa O'Hara, Librarian. Canadian Review Of Materials, Volume XIII Number 13, Feb. 2007

"A novel for kids 8 and up!"
"Published by Acorn Press, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island 2006"
Acorn Press
or available from the Author

Having read Gerry's first book, Bubba Begonia You'll Be Sorry, and hearing him read aloud from it at a meeting for teacher-librarians, I knew it would be the perfect book to recommend to the Grade 3 teachers at my school when they came looking for read-aloud suggestions from me in September. First one teacher, then the other read it aloud to their classes. The students LOVED it. The well-developed and zany characters with their very individual voices and Bubba's finger-up-his-nose voice had them hooked. I couldn't keep the books on the shelves. What a way to kickstart a year of reading!

 Rosemary Driscoll, B.A, B. Ed., M. Ed. (Sch. Lib.)
Parkside Elementary School

Summerside PE


Smiley Face character copyrighted 2006 by Mara O'Brien-James
Author photograph by John Sylvester, PEI